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Thread: help me please

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    help me please

    Hello Everyone!

    I am really a newbie when it comes to websites and I can't figure out a problem Im having with my webpage which is laid out in frames.
    The problem is this... I can target anyframe and load any page into it EXCEPT for the frame in which I want my content to change.

    I have a top frame, a bottm frame, and 2 frames in the middle of them.. I want my content to load in the right mid frame by click on hotspots in the left mid frame. I cant load anything into the right side frame. I can load anything into everyother frame but when I try the rt mid frame it always loads as a new webpage??

    The target is set to tahe proper frame but nothing seems to work in that frame..
    Does anyone know why this would happen??:confused:

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    Re: help me please

    Can't help without code!
    And this would probably be a better question for the html forum