I suspect I'll be asking more than answering on this forum as I try to catch up with all the changes that have occured in Web design and coding since I was one of the early members of the HTML Writers Guild.

I was on the Internet before the Web came along, then jumped on it with one of the early domain names and three of the first professional, for-profit ezines. A lot has changed since then (I went on hiatus from any real Web presence for several years).

Oddly, it seems much more difficult now than back when I was hand-coding multi-page websites on the fly - and without the benefit of a WYSIWYG editor.

Even so, should a question pop up to which I may have an answer, I'll contribute what I can. Otherwise, I hope all will bear with an old dog trying to learn new tricks.

As to those, I have just launched a new website - http://The-Financial-Freedom-Network.com - which is devoted to providing information and help in combating credit debt (plastic, small loans, etc.). At its heart is a new e-book package, http://Money-Meltdown.com/sales.html which chronicles the financial collapse and efforts to come back of a prosperous middle class freelance contractor who went from near perfect credit and no problems to financial bum in less than 8 weeks. And why some 90 percent of Americans and a growing percentage of the rest of the world are likely to follow suit.

I'd welcome any constructive comments on the site, the e-book sales page, presentation, package, etc.

Once I get this one fully functional (it's close, but odd things keep cropping up), I've got two others in the wings, almost ready to launch. Probably be back here for more help on them.