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    10 adsense ready article sites for forums posts !

    Let's trade ! I have a forum here http://www.metrolity.com , I need posts. The posts should be one to two sentences each, to qualify. If you post 20, you can choose 4 categories ! If you post 30 , you can choose ten sites, all resale rights, too ! Please indicate your registered user name (s) to receive your Adsense sites ! Thanks !

    I have 150 categories to choose from listed right here :

    "Acne" article count=229

    "Advertising" article count=362

    "Aerobics & Cardio" article count=47

    "Affiliate Revenue" article count=369

    "Alternative Medicine" article count=776

    "Attraction" article count=534

    "Online Auction" article count=255

    "Streaming Audio & Online Music" article count=34

    "Aviation & Flying" article count=115

    "Babies & Toddler" article count=387

    "Beauty" article count=622

    "Blogging, RSS & Feeds" article count=335

    "Book Marketing" article count=140

    "Book Reviews" article count=214

    "Branding" article count=234

    "Breast Cancer" article count=35

    "Broadband Internet" article count=57

    "Muscle Building & Bodybuilding" article count=243

    "Careers, Jobs & Employment" article count=1147

    "****** & Gambling" article count=450

    "Coaching" article count=513

    "Coffee" article count=106

    "College & University" article count=162

    "cooking tips" article count=167

    "Copywriting" article count=284

    "Crafts & Hobbies" article count=287

    "Creativity" article count=197

    "Credit" article count=459

    "Cruising & Sailing" article count=170

    "Currency Trading" article count=116

    "Customer Service" article count=296

    "Data Recovery & Computer Backup" article count=61

    "Dating" article count=382

    "Debt Consolidation" article count=143

    "Debt Relief" article count=208

    "Depression" article count=144

    "Diabetes" article count=93

    "Divorce" article count=97

    "Domain Name" article count=119

    "E-Book" article count=146

    "E-commerce" article count=240

    "Elder Care" article count=65

    "Email Marketing" article count=372

    "Entrepreneur" article count=314

    "Ethics" article count=48

    "Exercise & Fitness article count=262

    "Ezine Marketing" article count=84

    "Ezine Publishing" article count=174

    "Fashion & Style" article count=233

    "Fishing" article count=199

    "Fitness Equipment" article count=227

    "Forums" article count=50

    "Game" article count=79

    "Goal Setting" article count=398

    "Golf" article count=474

    "Dealing with Grief & Loss" article count=108

    "Hair Loss" article count=144

    "Finding Happiness" article count=257

    "Computer Hardware" article count=262

    "Holiday" article count=389

    "Home Improvement" article count=693

    "Home Security" article count=59

    "Humanities" article count=251

    "Humor & Entertainment" article count=93

    "Innovation" article count=121

    "Inspirational" article count=830

    "Insurance" article count=373

    "Interior Design & Decorating" article count=530

    "Internet Marketing" article count=971

    "Investing" article count=349

    "Landscaping & Gardening" article count=583

    "Language" article count=37

    "Leadership" article count=277

    "Leases & Leasing" article count=31

    "Loan" article count=403

    "Mesothelioma & Asbestos Cancer" article count=54

    "Business Management" article count=1276

    "Marketing" article count=1321

    "Marriage & Wedding" article count=598

    "Martial Arts" article count=89

    "Medicine" article count=383

    "Meditation" article count=80

    "Mobile & Cell Phone" article count=194

    "Mortgage Refinance" article count=619

    "Motivation" article count=719

    "Motorcycle" article count=47

    "Music & MP3" article count=423

    "Negotiation" article count=60

    "Network Marketing" article count=434

    "Networking" article count=180

    "Nutrition" article count=569

    "Get Organized - Organization" article count=197

    "Outdoors" article count=235

    "Parenting" article count=1072

    "Personal Finance" article count=169

    "Personal Technology" article count=231

    "Pet" article count=838

    "Philosophy" article count=83

    "Photography" article count=230

    "Poetry" article count=202

    "Political" article count=612

    "Positive Attitude Tips" article count=484

    "Pay-Per-Click Advertising" article count=276

    "Public Relations" article count=556

    "Pregnancy" article count=138

    "Presentation" article count=148

    "Psychology" article count=113

    "Public Speaking" article count=155

    "Real Estate" article count=931

    "Recipes & Food and Drink" article count=230

    "Relationship" article count=707

    "Religion" article count=471

    "Sales" article count=422

    "Sales Management" article count=151

    "Sales Telemarketing" article count=37

    "Sales Training" article count=354

    "Satellite TV" article count=48

    "Science Articles" article count=271

    "Internet Security" article count=237

    "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" article count=874

    "Sexuality" article count=166

    "Web Site Promotion" article count=338

    "Small Business" article count=800

    "Software" article count=574

    "Spam Blocking" article count=119

    "Spirituality" article count=912

    "Stocks" article count=416

    "Strategic Planning" article count=211

    "Stress Management" article count=370

    "Structured Settlements" article count=31

    "Success" article count=794

    "Nutritional Supplements" article count=373

    "Taxes" article count=138

    "Team Building" article count=159

    "Time Management" article count=249

    "Top Quick Tips" article count=159

    "Traffic Building" article count=376

    "Vacation Rental" article count=188

    "Video Conferencing" article count=26

    "Video Streaming" article count=30

    "VOIP" article count=72

    "Wealth Building" article count=217

    "Web Design" article count=544

    "Web Development" article count=373

    "Web Hosting" article count=221

    "Weight Loss" article count=1329

    "Wine & Spirits" article count=68

    "Writing" article count=645

    "Article Writing" article count=363

    "Yoga" article count=73

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    Re: 10 adsense ready article sites for forums posts !

    I am changing this offer to 40 posts for 150 sites with resale rights ! Act now !

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    Re: 10 adsense ready article sites for forums posts !

    do you have a sameple of any of these websites?
    Are they easy to install?

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    Re: 10 adsense ready article sites for forums posts !

    Quote Originally Posted by metrolity View Post
    I am changing this offer to 40 posts for 150 sites with resale rights ! Act now !
    Sorry, just to clarify, how does your offer work. If I signup for an account on your forum and post 40 entries then you'll give 150 sites? What do you mean by 'sites'... you mean you'll give away these domains with existing webpages?

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