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Thread: Brave new world

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    Brave new world

    Hi Everybody

    I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and have decided to go go the open source route after having three unsuccessful sites. So I started from knowing absolutely nothing, and have got to about 1/2% of what I need to know.

    I use ZenCart with phpMyAdmin and mySQL db, and have progressed from asking questions three times about everything that I want to do with my site to about thirty times on the Zen Cart forum.
    The more you learn, the more there is to know . I am now moving onto mySQL queries to speed up data input as there are value that I can only input one product at a time using the ZC admin panel.

    Anyway I'm enjoying the challenge of setting my site up to how it best suits my client's needs, and optimizing it so that it delivers good page loading times, and holds my prospects' interest in navigating to the checkout success page.

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    Re: Brave new world

    Welcome to AHFB, parafanaylya. We're glad to have you here!
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