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    Doubleclick turns its back on webmasters!

    From Wired.com

    "Kazaa, the largest file-trading network running, has a new business plan that includes a subscription service, audio and video media advertising -- oh, and an offshore tax haven.

    Sharman Networks, the company that purchased Kazaa in January, announced a deal Tuesday with Internet advertising company Double Click, as well as the creation of a new, secure delivery system that will make the company profitable, said Nikki Hemming, Sharman's CEO."

    Kazaa to Offer Subscriptions
    AHFBWEB Less customers per server, more power for you!

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    Kazaa Lite has caught the attention of Sharman Networks, the Australian company that purchased Kazaa earlier this year, and in a statement released Wednesday said that the company, "will vigorously defend our rights and take action against parties engaged in misrepresenting our software. Consumers are being deceived with ripped off and highly suspect code, and we are determined that their rights, enjoyment and machines are not prejudiced."
    lol that's funny... the new code is better and easier for consumors (though just as illegal as kazaa all together, but the two go hand in hand, kazaa has to be played at its own game), but they say it's worse for us and that their going to protect OUR rights.

    Sharman Networks did take the step of asking that Kazaa Lite be removed from CNet's popular Download.com site. Kazaa had been removed from the site on April 4, after CNet determined that its failure to more clearly disclose the third-party software bundled with Kazaa constituted a violation of the site's terms of service.
    hooray, finally...

    "There is a lot of concern around these sites, because they release unstable codes and it puts consumers at risk," said Hemming. "These are scam sites that create software."
    sounds like hypocritsy (a word? ) to me...

    just thought I'd point out a few things for people who don't want to bother reading... because I'm bored

    sad day for double click as well...

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