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    Classified Website for Sale : ubuy-it.com

    Classified website for sale : http://www.ubuy-it.com

    Your name: Heath McKenzie
    Your Email address: heath@mckenziecreations.net
    URL of the site: http://www.ubuy-it.com
    Age of site: A few months
    Asking price: $395.00 US
    Gross and net revenue per month (Total): none at this time - can be set by owner
    Copyright status of the content on the site: all graphics were designed by me so copyright will be turned over. The script has a license and copyright info in source code that must stay intact...
    Any other pertinent data:

    The site has been up a few months, but I have not had any time to market it. It has great potentail if you have the time to market it. You can set the price for an ad and how long it runs. The site uses Pay Pal as the payment gateway, so you must have a Pay Pal Business account to accept payments. It has an admin control panel to set all this up. you also can control , members, categories, etc. here is a list of links for the admin section :

    Account Manage
    Edit Categories
    Ad Manage
    Edit Locations
    Reported Ad(s)
    Site Configure
    PayPal Transactions
    Admin/Deadmin Users

    Please feel free to visit the site and post a test ad - its set up in free mode. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. The site was developed in ASP with a Access database - comes with a SQL script for MS SQL if you would prefer to use a SOL database. The upload function is a combo of pure ASP and ASP.NEt, does not require any server side componets. We will be glad to continue to host the site on our servers for you : cost = $19.95 a month. the site is about 50 pages and 1.75 MB's


    Heath McKenzie

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    Re: Classified Website for Sale : ubuy-it.com

    [quote=mckenzie]Classified website for sale : http://www.ubuy-it.com

    name: Sai Meka
    Email: mekask@hotmail.com
    Asking price: $250.00 US
    If possible I have couple of requirements.
    1. Are you able to change all the pages to ASP.NET and Sql server connections.
    2. I am planning to place the web site in my server.
    I need the complete project, domain name.
    3. Is there any assistance about web site(I am expecting for three months)

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