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    Promoting New Products..

    Hello Everyone..

    I have been really busy for the past year or so, cleaning up my PHP Coding and such.

    My partner (Mike Jordan) and I released a CMS, called cp4.2 a while back. While this seemed excellant at first, there were many bugs and loop holes we never though about.

    Now, we have completely rewritten it, and are beta testing alot of the features. What I want to know, is how I should go about marketing this product now.

    I have some interest in starting an affiliate program, where people will make so much per sale they generate.

    What do you People Think? How should this be run? What should I use to run something like this?

    I am on a very limited budget, and want to reach as many people as possible.

    Eric Coleman

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    First thing is complete the beta testing, take your time with it and do not release it too early.

    While the beta testing is going on begin your research on script resource sites, I would make a private HTML page with every resources "add a link" page. This way when you are ready(and not before) you can quickly and easily complete this task.

    Submit to DMOZ(ONLY 1 TIME!), consider paying yahoos $299 annual submission fee. After you see you have a few sites linking to you, dmoz included you should find yourself listed in Google. You should prepare for Google finding you now by optimizing your title tag, meta keywords and description would also be advised, as well as great verbage in your bodies content.

    Do not submit to Looksmart, they have become a waste of time. Do however submit to zeal, though they may not accept you, if they do this will get you in Looksmart for free as well as MSN which in my books is second to Google.

    Next step would be affiliate programs, I would urge you to investigate any 3rd party provider, include in your investigation any possible relations to theftware products, ezula, whenu, gator and the likes. This would atomatically leave out CJ, Befree, and Linkshare. My personal suggestion would be Fineclicks or AffiliateFuel, contact me if you would like a referral link . Though they may not have as large of an affiliate base as Linkshare etc. you will find much better customer service, lower costs which means more money for affiliates or yourself

    As we have discussed previously, never ever ever attempt pay per click, stay with sales or leads only and you have cut your fraud by 90%.

    AHFBWEB Less customers per server, more power for you!

    Business Class Shared Hosting

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    Along with everything that Dave said, (although, I might suggest submitting to Overture.. but only when there is a very good understanding of how the system works)

    just thought I would add a few more suggestions...

    Learning about all of the major engines and directories and optimizing for them is definately #1 in my book but, don't stop there!

    The ongoing discussion about articles is definately a good idea.. getting your articles listed on several sites usually means a lot of positive publicity.

    Joining several forums, webrings and discussions lists and offering assistance on an ongoing basis is a great idea for developing "relationships" and getting your name out there.

    Create a newsletter for people who come to your site to sign up for. Send your newsletter out on a regular basis so that each time one receives it, you are also getting visibility to your site.

    Aside from all of the ways to market online, don't forget about traditional methods of advertising. I must say that my favorite is to wear a t-shirt with my ad printed on it and ALWAYS having my business cards with me.

    Join local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and attend regular meetings.

    Attend seminars & tradeshows and once you are ready, don't be afraid to host your own!

    Hope that helps get you started!

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