Hi all,
If any one can throw a light on this would be eternally greatful!
Heres the problem :
  • I have a Perl CGI script that is invoked via the web browser.
  • This CGI exists in a UNIX machine in my login
  • I need to pass a file as argument to an external program called R (A statistical software package) to do some analysis.
  • This program also exists in the same machine and on the command line.
  • I am aware of the commands that are used in R.
  • Using the normal system() command, I could invoke R and send in the parameters as I would manually on the command prompt.
  • However, when i call the program to be initiated, the control goes to the program, BUT DOES NOT RETURN to the CGI. And I have to manually exit it. Ofcourse this is not practical.
  • What would you advise in this case?
  • I was suggested to write all my commands in an R script file. (test.R) and call this file as a batch file from Perl by sending in a file as argument. I was suggested to use --vanilla
  • However I am unsure of this syntax and have never written a batch file like this.
Does any body have a clue or have ever done something similar to this? Help please ---
Thank you