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Thread: have a look

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    have a look

    vist 0ur site at http://www.silkvalleyimports.com let us know what you think, any suggestion would be appreciated thanks

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    Looks nice except for that out of whack text at the top. Use something like FACE=Verdana SIZE=2 for those URLS and separate them with spacing instead of commas and let the underlines display to point out that they are URLs.

    You are also using a lot of spaces in your file/folder names. I'd suggest using hyphens instead - your internet life will be a lot less stressful by avoiding any spaces, underline characters or mixed case names in ALL OF YOUR file and folder names. In the case of .htm file names, always remember that down the line someone is going to have to type all that in the address bar of their browser - the shorter the easier to type.