I am currently setting up a test page using JavaScript that I got from http://www.dyn-web.com/javascript/rotate-img/

I am happy with the way the test page is functioning (script is attached below) but am keen to modify the new window that pops up with the following parameters (height=200, width=250, toolbar=no, directories=no, status=no, menubar=no, scrollbars=no,resizable=no).
Does anyone know if it's possible to modify this script to carry these parameters? And if so, how?

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Gary (the grateful!)
PS The target window I want to modify is called 'self'.
<title>Test page</title>
<style type="text/css">
a img { border:none }
<script src="scripts/dw_rotator.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
This code is from Dynamic Web Coding at dyn-web.com
Copyright 2001-5 by Sharon Paine
See Terms of Use at www.dyn-web.com/bus/terms.html
regarding conditions under which you may use this code.
This notice must be retained in the code as is!

function initRotator() {
// arguments: image name, rotation speed (milliseconds),
// path to images (optional), name of target window (optional, string)
var rotator1 = new dw_Rotator('img1', 2000, "images/", self);
// add the images to rotate into that image object
rotator1.addImages("red_gem.jpg", "red_gem.jpg", "red_gem.jpg",

// add the corresponding actions to take onclick of those images
// destination url or function pointer
"images/red_gem.jpg", "images/purple_gem.jpg",
//rotator1.rotate(); // sometimes may want to call rotate here

var rotator2 = new dw_Rotator('img2', 2000, "images/", self);

rotator2.addImages("blue_gem.jpg", "blue_gem.jpg", "blue_gem.jpg",

"images/red_gem.jpg", "images/blue_gem.jpg",
//rotator2.rotate(); // sometimes may want to call rotate here



<body onload="initRotator()">

<h1>Rotating Linked Images</h1>


<!-- Image rotation here. First image in place -->
<a href="noscript.html" onclick="return dw_Rotator.doClick(0)"

onmouseover="dw_Rotator.pause(0)" onmouseout="dw_Rotator.resume(0)"
onfocus="this.blur()"><img name="img1" src="images/red_gem.jpg" width="72"

height="84" alt="button" name="MyImage"></a>
<!-- Image rotation here. Second image in place -->
<a href="noscript.html" onclick="return dw_Rotator.doClick(1)"

onmouseover="dw_Rotator.pause(1)" onmouseout="dw_Rotator.resume(1)"

onfocus="this.blur()"><img name="img2" src="images/blue_gem.jpg"

width="72" height="84" alt="button"></a>