Hi, I have two fan sites:


Both sites currently recieve about 50 - 100 visits a day (it varies)

I'm looking for relavent (other fan site) link exchanges. I can either exchange homepage links (for sites with the same pr) or provide links on my newly created links pages. (I just created the links pages, so they don't have PR on the toolbar, but I'm sure they have pr as far as google is concerned and the toolbar will reflect this at the next update. There is nothing shady going on with the link page, check the code of the site if you don't believe me.

The link pages are

and are linked from every page on the site.

For my anchor text I'd like just the celebrity name (Amanda Tapping or Evangeline Lilly) and I am only interested in other fan sites or equally related content.

If you have any questions or are interested please either PM me!