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    Exclamation Trying to show content OVER a frame

    Hi everyone:

    I created a pop-up menu for a new project I'm working on. The main page has 2 frames a top one of 150 pixels and the bottom one for the content of the page. (I had to use frames although I hate them ) The problem is that the menu is quite long and part of it hides behind the frame. The question is: Is there a way to make the menu pop-up OVER the frame and into the other frame without having to change the frame's size??

    I tryed everything but I haven't been able to make it work and I need a solution REALLY urgently.

    Please Help me out.-

    Thanks a lot.-

    Carlos Abarca

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    Switch from the frames process to a Javascript sub-window containing the menu - sized to your specifications.

    I have an example of that at almost all of my web sites. Go to http://secret.jamrent.com and click on the "pop-up menu" (taskbar) URL at the bottom just above the Google search bar. My window is minimized to keep it from hogging the view, but it could be any other size. The Javascript source code is in http://jamrent.50megs.com/jamrent.js

    There's another technique at http://search2.jamrent.com but it's not debugged as to forcing the items to display in the 2nd window, yet. It works fine offline from my own hard drive but not online from remote computers.

    EDIT: 8/13/2005 - That's page has been changed but t he "TodayInHistory" link at the bottom of each of my pages uses a similar pop-up process. The source code for the JavaScript may be (I'm not at home right now) in the popadmin.js or jamall.js files.
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