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    Help with Path Problem???

    Sorry people I am new to perl, CGI stuff I am getting this error which seems to be a path problem? (I think) To bad this error message doesn't tell which script the error is comming from.

    Oh yea, my host is running Window 2003, with Perl 5.6x. Well here is the error message:

    We're sorry, but the script was unable to require c:/websites/setiworld150/setiuniverse.com/cgi-bin/eclassifieds/classifieds/library/cgi-lib.pl at line 121 in c:\websites\setiworld150\setiuniverse.com\cgi-bin\eclassifieds\classifieds\classifieds.cgi. Please make sure that these files exist, that you have the path set correctly, and that the permissions are set properly. This message could also indicate that a syntax error has been introduced into c:/websites/setiworld150/setiuniverse.com/cgi-bin/eclassifieds/classifieds/library/cgi-lib.pl.

    Can anyone tell me anything that might be useful????


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    Re: Help with Path Problem???

    Lamont - your script is calling an outside program called cgi-lib.pl

    You need to make sure that that program is installed at:

    It probably needs subroutines in that program. If you have that program in a different directory, modify the path to that file in your main program so that it knows where to look for it.

    It likely does not matter where you have it, but the program needs to match.

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