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    Hi all,

    I'm Melissa Scott, founder of aodcc.org. We've just officially launched our outpost, the Assembly of Digital Content Creators, to discuss the challenges associated with digital asset protection (2D images and 3D models, for example), and to actively pursue the development of an industry-wide file standard (for image formats, model formats, etc.) to secure digital artists' authorship rights when these files are being distributed.

    We're soliciting your help! If you're as interested as we are in creating a truly proactive movement toward the protection of digital art on the web, whether it's 2D or 3D, we would love for you to come join our volunteer efforts at www.aodcc.org!

    We have only recently created this site, but we're basing it from an idea we've had for quite a while now -- to make a difference! We're looking to round up some folks who want to donate some time helping us interact with developers/programmers/etc. to help find a solution. There is strength in numbers, and strength in unity, and so we ask for your help.

    Please check out www.aodcc.org and start sharing your experiences -- whether you've been the victim of copyright theft, or whether you're interested in furthering the active development of a protection solution....we would love to see you around. We are especially need in folks who have a technical side to them, i.e., folks who can help out with web-related issues, to provide some insight on topics our members are raising.

    Thanks for reading this post, and we hope to see you there!

    --Melissa Scott
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