This site was set up about 4 months ago, I have not had the time to advertise it and just needs someone who can market the site to generate a very good income from it,
It has a database of 42 clients, and it generates around 5 new free subscriptions per day which are all new potential clients, from no marketing at all it has sold numerous items, The Quality of the handbags are nothing short of First class replicas and they look and feel just like the orginals. I will provide all my contacts on purchase of sales from china, they drop ship also so no stock is required on your behalf.
Parts of the site is not finished but this can be done if required or you can do it yourself, images will be supplied.
A complete management service comes free for 3 months with the sale of the site, hosting, mass mailing service, database collection, email templates, shopping cart & much much more that makes running the site so easy.
As I said I havent because of other sites and interests,
I will be willing to take $,6,500 for the sale of this site and everything that goes with it.
Miriam claire