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    Lightbulb Finding a Websites' Search Engine Keyword Ranking - Quicky and Accurately!

    I have found a nice trick to find a web site's ranking in all search engines quickly and accurately!

    In Google and in MSN and in Yahoo you use "advanced search" and change the results to 100 per page.

    • Put in your appropriate keyword - get the "search results"
    • Press "Control F" Keyboard shortcut simultaneously in *Internet Explorer...
    • Put your URL in the "Find what" search box...
    • Press "Find Next"...
    • You will automatically scroll down to your hightlighted website's listing

    *(This technique works even better in Netscape 6+ because the query is cached in the find box and the box stays up as you navigate to different pages.)
    (The approximately percentage near the bottom 1-100%,
    represents the approximate RANKING of your site 1-100. You can then refine your search.)
    (If you don't want to use "Control F" using "Edit "--> "FIND (on this page)" in the browser menu bar will do.

    Put your URL in EXACTLY as it appears in the search engine.
    Each page represents 100 web sites, so page 2 will start at 101-2, page 3 from 201-300 etc.

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