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    Be careful with any snail mail that you get about your domain name


    Dave, I wasn't sure if this was the right forum. Feel free to move the threat if it's not.

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    It is good to see that Dotster as well as others are taking a proactive stance.

    Unfortunately this is only part of the accusations being leveled at Network Solutions/VeriSign. It is common practice if you request a transfer to require notarized copies of Drivers Licenses, Passports and other nonsense to prove who you are. There have been reports of this information being refused when sent certified, return receipt requested, thus being returned to sender. TotalNIC/Capital Networks has confirmed to participate in the same behavior, reportedly in the name of "safety".

    I admit my view could be biased from where I sit, and I probably should not be making editorial comments. The one question I have is, why do they feel it safe to contact the owner, through the registered admin email when it is time to take the credit card info and renew, but yet when a person wants a transfer, thus giving the credit card info to another the admin email is now not enough, it must be notarized copy of your passport? Heck, I do not even have a passport.

    Here is a great link to the ICANN Public Comment Forum , pay close attention to the poster margyw in the TotalNIC threads, she claims to be an employee.

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    what a cheap move!

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