Living in south dakota has it's advantages and disadvantages...

for example....

I can drive 22 miles (to the closest large city) in under 15 mins (ie: no traffic)
I go shooting in the Black Hills which i live a few hundred feet from the edge of
I can ride our 4 wheeler almost any time without complaints from our neibors
And ofcorse... almost no smog of any sort here

some of the bad things are:

We have to drive 22 miles to buy really any sort of electronics/comuters (in other wods 44 miles round trip or... apx 2 gallons of gas at around 20mpg)
When it snows here... plan on having interstate speeds get as low as 5mph (in some conditions)

and the absolute worst thing... NO HIGH SPEED INTERNET!

but today that changed... after a long communication with Quest... we got our T1 internet line installed today... and only cost $400 per month (no lie)

but if we could get DSL, Cable, or anything highspeed other than Sattelite we would use it.

(we dont want satellite because we used to have it and upload was slower than dialup)