OK!!! The story...i had a myspace account but then my computer stopped loading every except the myspace home page, so i asked my friend in England to try and he could get on to my account and my page without a problem, so he sent me a link and it loaded on mine after using the link. Anyway i decided to delete my account and start fresh thinking the problem would be solved. I tried and tried but it kept saying it couldnt create account for me, so i asked the same friend through MSN for me and he did straight away. I then logged in on my comp through a link he sent and it worked fine....so i tried to activate throught the activation email and it wouldnt load was going very slow and when loaded it just says done in the bottom left and none of the page has loaded. So i try to log in and it won't for about 20 minutes and when it finally does i look at my page and it still wont load it and also wont load any of the profile bits like name and jobs etc. I asked another friend in England can they see my site and they can, so everything i have done to it i cant see but everyone else can. Whats wrong? I have DSL wireless and EVERY website works perfectly (apart from friends re united for some reason that wont load past log in either) even multiplayer games load perfectly HELP PLEASE???