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    publishing in Ipowerweb

    When I subscribed to Ipowerweb, I was assured that I could do all my own designing using a graphics program. I used Adobe Illustrator and saved my files for t he webs as JPGs. I up-loaded them to Ipowerweb without problems. I pasted them into new files using the filemanager wnd edited them there without problems.

    But now I canot figure out how to publish them. The Web Builder program at IP insists upon slapping one of their logos on each of my pages. I have my own logo, something I worked hard on and like much better than Ipower's stuff.

    Does anyone know how to publish from that service without using their Web builder program? (I've gone to their Help pages without effect. I wrote to them the day before yesterday, but it's a holiday. No reply.)
    Thanks in advance.


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    Smile Re: publishing in Ipowerweb

    Hello Peter
    I use NVU to make my web pages and to upload them to Ipower. I do not use their web page maker. NVU is free and cross platform and will also allow you to upload like FTP. you could also use a FTP program to upload but you still need to use a different program to design your webpages.
    PS do a google for NVU.

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    Re: publishing in Ipowerweb

    www dot nvudev dot com / index.php

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