We’re looking for a new graphic artist. Currently “testing” with simple graphic designs but will have multiple graphic design assignments across 2007.

I posted the job below for a graphic design immediately needed onto a freelance network (http://www.27am.com/Resources/gaf.htm ). I already have a list of bids but have looked into some of the sample work being provided and a lot of it just looks… well… amateurish (much better than anything I could put together but not what we need).

I also received a couple of ridiculous bids such as $100 for this one e-cover (where the full layout is already in place).

If interested review the details and contact me via email or Skype (contact details at bottom of RobToth.com).

PS. Even if this project is too small and of no interest to you, if you genuinely enjoy graphic work and know that you have a talent for it… there will be numerous upcoming projects including a full corporate identify, ad graphic designs and more. By all means… send me a resume, a link to a portfolio… anything that demonstrates work you’ve done (and possibly what you charged for it). Help me out by putting “Graphic work offer” in the subject line please and thank you.

11/28/2006 at 13:01 EST
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12/01/2006 at 13:01 EST (2 days, 23 h left)
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Looking for new graphic artist for multiple projects. This is the first of a series of "tests" to see who I work with. Current graphic artist is overbooked with work and cannot provide service in acceptable time frame (though does an amazing job).

First task (to be bid on)... need a graphic design that very closely resembles the graphic at: http://www.DearEmployee.com/ .

The new graphic will look nearly identical. The image will change (you must have access to public (ie: not copyrighted!) graphics)... the title and subtitle will also change. But same yellow Special Report outline etc.

It will be up to you if you'd like to go "above and beyond". If you want to provide the image facing different angles (similar tilt as this one, a 2D graphic, possibly another lean or if you want to inclue a CD to denote the included video tutorials... as found on the DearEmployee.com one)

Future projects include similar reports, banner design, header graphics (multiple), logo design... If you enjoy graphic work (not just the basics of PhotoShop please!) and would like multiple projects (some much larger) across the first quarter of 2007, then please bid. Otherwise, we appreciate your time in reviewing our project.