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    Willing to create simple websites of all subjects. Websites should be finished witin 10-20 days.Email me with Pictures, Information, or request that I find it for you. Need help finding a script? I can do that too. I will work on Tripod, Freewebs, Angel fire, Geocities, Invision free, ect. You can veiw what I have made for you before you pay me, and after payment I will give you your username and password to the domain. When you do get the username and password you can then edit information, like adding or deleting information.
    Note: it is your responsiblity to pay for the domain afterwards if you want your own Domain name. I am not responsible for the pop up's if you choose to keep the free Domain.Serious website wanters only.
    Here is a website I created in 7 days. It's not all that, but it's a good start for anyone who doesn't want to work hard Starting on their website. The sample website is a pokemon website that was published about 3 or 4 days ago. This does not represent my full potential in website design and is only a preveiw.
    If you would not like pop-ups on your site, you will have to pay for that yourself.
    If the website doesn't show when you click it, try copying the website URL and then paste it in the Web Address bar.
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