Dave, I apologize as I did not know about the 50% of your posts rule. I have started, and will continue to contribute the the webmaster forums. Drop me a PM if you have any other issues.

Your name?

URL(s) of site?

Age of site?
2 years, 3 months

Approximately monthly page views and/or unique visitors?
In November, the site 708,886 pageviews, 48,803 visits and 14.53 pages per visit per Google Analytics. Additionally, 87.94% of traffic was returning visitors with 12.06% being new traffic.
We had 245 new members register in November. We didn't advertise in November, so all traffic was direct, via search engine, or through word of mouth.
The site currently has a Google pagerank of 4, and this is with quite a bit of the site unavailable to the public and no search engine optimization done. According to Alexa, our traffic rank is 373,811.

How does the site generate income? How much?
The site generates income through membership and advertising. It varies from month-to-month.

Who develops content and administers the site?
User-generated/submitted content. The side is administered by myself, but I have volunteers that help moderate the site.

What is the monthly cost of running the site?
Just the cost of the dedicated server (currently $74/month) and any advertising done.

Reason for selling?
A recent promotion at my full time job in addition to spending more time with my family.

Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner?
Absolutely. I can work with the new owner on learning the software and answer any questions they may have.

Does the site have an ezine or newsletter? Number of subscribers?
Yes, I often send a periodic email to the entire membership base, or over 2700 people.

What all does the site include?
Will include the forum software license and all files associated with the website. We also had a logo designed in July, so you'll get full rights to it as well.
Will also include the remainder of the month's hosting and technical support for one month following sale.

Asking price for the site?
The asking price is negotiable and I'd love to hear any and all offers from interested parties. Please feel free to drop me a private message.