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    Form Validation Help Needed Please

    I am knew here so hi to everyone, I have been told by a friend that this site is particularly helpful so here goes.

    I have a form that i want to ensure is filled out correctly before the user is able to proceed. I am also advised that Javascript is the easiest way to do this, however i have no idea how to implememnt it.


    If the user fails to fill out the terms and conditions box with a "Yes"when the user clicks submit, i want a message to pop up to tell them to complete it.

    and to return the user to that field for completion.

    I honestly have no idea how to do this, can someone please help me.

    I have attached the source code too.


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    Re: Form Validation Help Needed Please

    It looks like you already have something?

    anyway if you dont, all you need to do is use:

    document.getElementById('id_goes_here').value to get what the items value is...

    then do an if statment to see if it fitts your needs

    then in the <form> tag make an element called 'onsubmit="return yourfunction()"' then have that function do a "return true" if the form is acceptable, and "return false" if it is not. and if you want to add a little message use alert() function http://www.wikijs.com/index.php?title=Alert

    if you return false to a onsubmit it will not submit the page.


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