One day notice (Sunday Dec 9th) to anyone currently established with an online business or looking to launch into generating income with the internet.
I completed the latest report in the Dear Employee series... called "Freelancing: The Real Work At Home Job Opportunity".
The part that may well interest is you to know that although this product was not created as a Resale Rights product, I'm selling 30 accounts for Authorized Resellers... meaning, even though I invested the time to research the content, add in my experiences, write the content, create the video tutorials, have the grahic work created, write the sales page etc....
... As an Authorized Reseller, anyone (who purchases one of the 30 such accounts) can sell this new report, part of a growing brand, and keep 120% of the profits. That's immediate cash in pocket money.
And, as I mentioned, it's an ideal product for the holiday season so it's a perfectly timed opportunity.
The details are at:

---> This Reseller opportunity was mentioned early this morning on Internet Marketing News Watch:

I'm down to 12 accounts available. <---