I have 12 Niche Adsense websites set up and for sale. These are all high quality Niche websites. They are all turnkey and therefore have no traffic or income at this time. These are a quick way to jumpstart or enhance your adsense empire. You can purchase the website and install it on your own (your own domain or subdomain) or email me and I will help install it for you.

1. All articles are automatically translated into 8 different languages. This multiplies your content x8 times right off the bat and helps get free search engine traffic from foreign search engines!
2. The adsense ad units have been blended and placed strategically to optimize your CTR for maximum profits.
3. There are little images above the ad units to improve CTR. This is within Google's Adsense publisher’s guideline.
4. There is a comment section for users to post comments to the site. This will help grow the site.
5. There are self updating RSS feeds at the bottom of the page to keep the search engines spiders or bots coming back.
6. A link exchange or directory to help gain a better Page Rank for the site through exchanging links.
7. An administrative panel to monitor link exchanges and comments.

I will be publishing and selling up to 12 sites each and every month this is the first in the series. Get the early bird discount since I just opened shop. If you put in the word "forum" at the bottom of the page you will get a 35% discount on any site your purchase. Also if you purchase one site and decide to buy another one you will receive a code to get the second, third, fourth or however many sites you want at 50% off! This is a limited time offer and I retain the right to end it at any time!

The sites cover the following 12 niches:
Air Freight - Top CPC = $10.05
Boot Camp - Top CPC = $11.67
Burglar Alarm - Top CPC = $20.48
California Tan - Top CPC = $10.96
Camera Bag - Top CPC = $6.77
Credit Score - Top CPC = $22.81
Hybrid Car - Top CPC = $17.23
Male Menopause - Top CPC = $8.05
Playstation 3 - Top CPC = $1.67
RC Car - Top CPC = $4.83
Tax Attorney - Top CPC = 37.10
Snoring - Top CPC = 5.10
one site that has yet to be released.

Again these sites are a great way for first timers to get started or those looking to expand quickly and easily. It would cost at least 150 dollars to just have the content written for you so at the price you are getting it is a real steal!

To increase the profitability of the sites you will want to do the following:

1. Add the sites to Social Bookmarking sites
2. Rewrite at 20% of the articles and submit to article directories for backlinks
3. Exchange links
4. Submit to Directories

These are not automatic earners you will not earn money without putting in some work (sorry to burst anyone bubble). However if you put forth a little effort you can easily build a passive income stream that will come in each and every month. I should know I have earned $1,000 in one month with these sites. So don't fall for the magic pill or adsense secret instead start putting up websites with quality content and linking to them. That is the real secret! If you need help with any part of the install or marketing I am available for advice and am working on extended my services to include directory / article submission and social bookmarking. More to come on that.

Just go to My Virtual Real Estate Empire for more information.