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    Advanced Textarea question

    Okay, I've seen this done only once before and when I seen it I never thought nothing of it, now that I'm wanting to have this on my website to make my user's visit more pleasant, I can't find it again. I have been searching google typing in everything i could think of, but I can't figure out.

    When using the textarea tag, you can supply cols= and rows= ..... Well, what I want to be able to do is have like cols=50 and rows=10, or something like that, but if the user wants it bigger, they can click on the corner of the text area and resize it to their likings.

    I think I would need to use CSS possibly, like textarea style=whatever, but I'm not sure. I have looked everywhere and figure it out, maybe it's javascript? Who knows.

    I've asked all my friends (we all do a lot of webdesigning), but everyone seems to think it's impossible...NOTHING is impossible...Maybe one of yall know? Thanks ahead of time for trying at least.

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    Its not impossible.

    Heres a simplified version that demonstrates how to access CSS attributes using JavaScript. When you focus on the textarea, it gets bigger, when your focus moves away, it gets smaller.

    <script language="JavaScript">
    function bigme(obj) {
    function smallme(obj) {
    <textarea id="test" name="tester" onFocus="bigme(this)" onBlur="smallme(this)" cols="3" rows="10">
    Have a play, you may come up with something you like.

    ALternatively, you can grab stuff from http://www.dynamicdrive.com . They have lots of DynamicHTML scripts there for free.
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