I have made a directory on googlepages.com named as LINKOPEDIA... When I did choose this name I didn't know that there is another LINKOPEDIA.com which already exists and it is also a web directory.

I found it later when I was almost done with my manual directory. So I just put a disclaimer on my site that I have no link with original linkopedia.com

My Site is not for a commercial purpose or anything that is real.. it is all FUN and my little effort to make a manual directory on googlepages.com

Now I am getting emails from original linkopedia.com that i have violated the copyright laws and seriously actions will be taken against me if I don't close my directory.

I excused them and have written a long EXCUSING DISCLAIMER on my site at

but they again emailed me and said I have no other way than to remove site as it is using their trademark name (linkopedia)

can anyone please help me that am I really violating the laws?

and can I continue my directory with this name? I don't know but I didn't have any aim to violate the laws or to use their name for MY site's promotion... nothing like that. It was just a co-incidence.

Please help me. I don't know what to do now

I spent 4 months on making my directory and just after 4 days of its launching the disaster happened with that.

Please help