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    help getting out there

    I just recently opened an online store but when I search on google and yahoo and other sites I dont see my site poping up can anyone help me by telling me what to do to get more traffic I am a newbie and totally clueless my site is http://www.scrapindisneyandmore.com if anyone can check it out and see what I need to do to get more exposure that would be great. When I type in keywords 1 of my main compeitiors pops up right away..why is that?

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    Re: help getting out there

    I am fairly new but I am upto about 1500 seo hits a day on 5 sites. The only thing I notice is that your homepage has no text which might be hurting you, aslo all the alt tags are the same (no keyowrds) which could hit you as spam on google (maybe)

    the alt tags read "Scrapin' " where the ' could be considered a stop on the search engines bots.

    The homepage also has no text link to the rest of the site, it may help some spiders get to your site if you put a small text link on your landing page to your index.

    Last but not least I can't really tell what keywords you are targeting, if you are going for "Disney" you are going to have a hard time, you may want to target a set of keywords per page such as the items you sell.

    if you look at disney on google thier are 4mil searchs a month with 147,000,000 pages competing with you . not a good ratio.


    "disney scrapbook" get's 4000 hits a month with only 91,000 pages competing, and it's more doable.

    The other reason you want to target very very "niche" terms is that you don't really care if the person searhing for disney land's park tickets finds your site. you really want the people looking to buy what you sell.

    also google's adwords are a good way for new sites to get up faster. a little pricy though.

    hope this helps!