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    Frames (Help needed)

    I'm trying to create an index page with the following layout:

    A refers to the overall frameset.
    In the colored area, B & C are 2 different .html files. B will be holding my .swf menu whereby area C will be updated with the respective content when the user click on any link in the menu. (for example, user click on profile in menu (in area B), the profile content will be updated in area C.

    I've tried creating frames but always ended up a empty space with a ugly border between area B & C. I would very much like to keep area B & C close together without the grey border, while also keeping the black outline (as seen in the above image, around area B & C). I'm aware that this could be easily rectified by replacing the .html file in area C with a flash file. Was just wondering if HTML is able to do it.

    Would really appreciate if someone could enlighten me on how to go about doing it.

    Many thanks.
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