The following line of code is in my navbar.html which is in the nav frame..

<INPUT TYPE="button" value="Desktops" onClick="location.href='middle1.html'">

Destination frame is called 'middle'

The above refuses to take me out of the nav frame and loads the called file into it -
I have tried inserting target='middle' after the URL but I get a script error. I might be inserting it incorrectly -

This is how I coded it - <INPUT TYPE="button" value="Desktops" onClick="location.href='middle1.html' target='middle'">

If this is wrong can you rewrite the line for me showiing the correct target instruction.

The called file middle1.html includes <base target=middle>which I thought would be enough to guide it to the correct frame.

If all looks good can you think of any other reason it would not redirect to the new frame.?