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    .htaccess doesn't work

    I've tried to do stop hotlinking by doing this:
    ... and it is not working.
    I have the .htaccess in the root in order to block everything under it, but nothing is being stopped from hotlinking.
    I copied the code and correctly entered my URLs.
    I've confirmed that the file is 644 or (RW-R--R--).
    Any suggestions? thanks.

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    Re: .htaccess doesn't work

    it's possible that your host does not use .htaccess files, or more precisely, doesn't actually execute .htaccess files in your directories.

    many .htaccess files in many directories are known to slow down appache somewhat, so some of the lower end hosts just don't use them, and others, even very serious hosts only use them if you explicitly enable them.

    give an eye to their faq, it's most likely mentioned in the later case (probably not in the former)

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