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    Bkgd image in table cells?

    Hello all,
    I know how to add an image to the background of the .btext so that it occupies the space behind my "XXX's Latest Blog Entry" text. My problem is: I don't want the image to fill only the text space; I want it to be a background image for that entire cell. (Or is that box with the blog links a table in itself? ) And from what I'm able to find out, it seems like .btext also governs the "XXX has # friends" also - and I don't don't want my image to wind up behind that.

    It seems like this must be possible, but I can't figure out how MySpace labels that area (table? cell?) in order to tweak it.

    I'll be grateful for any help, or if someone can point me to a tutorial, or even give me the title of a book where I can learn this!

    Thank you!

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    Re: Bkgd image in table cells?

    okay, so would you like to put a background to the entire blog area? or just the text?

    if entire blog use this:

    .notes {add background to blog}
    .latestBlogEntry {background-image:url('URL_HERE');}

    i have more labels for the sections too,
    i've posted them a few different spots on here.
    if you'd like a copy yourself message me on here or on

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