Hi guys.
I've been searching for a function that will allow me to drag and drop elements on a web page. I've found plenty that allow me to drag - but not what I class as drop. I realise that when you release the mouse and the element doesn't snap back to it's original position, it's dropping it, but I was hoping for the functionality to drop it onto another element and have the code recognise what it had been dropped onto.
It'll probably help to explain why ... I want a list of locations, and a list of people (both retrieved from a DB) and the ability to drop the people onto the locations and feed that back to the DB (one person per location!)
I saw one page that allowed me to drop letters into boxes and it knew if it was the right one, which seemed to be perfectly adaptable to what I need - but I thought I'd bookmarked it and hadn't (aaaaargh!)
If anyone can point me to a site that deals with this I'd be most grateful.