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    Sending selected form fields

    I have created a form in which it is necessary to have a field called codeword to activate an encoding script. I then want to send the contents of another field within the same form to a database WITHOUT sending the 'codeword' variable. I cannot include a simple hidden field with a default for 'codeword' because that creates faults within the script. Is there a way of sending selected form fields only? Hope someone can help.

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    Hello mate.

    Erm...it depends

    Your best bet would be to play with the script that the form is submitting to. HTML forms are too dumb to do clever stuff.

    To get around things like before, I have used the following -

    Querystring in the form - action="script.php?select=oranges"

    Separate forms, with each having its own submit button. This is useful if you only want to send a certain section, but it means if you need to send two or more sections you have to start using JavaScript to submit. Ugleee.

    If you need anything more definate, then try posting some sample code for us to look at.
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