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    A more embarrasing question

    Now, I'm not trying to design a web page, just to use one, really sorry for that but I have a problem that I urgently need to solve... After I tried sending an apllication form with three attachments on it, I get an error page that sais: File upload failed: /home/snopblox4711/public_html/uploads/Photo.JPG has 0 byte size. Check your HTML Form tag has "enctype" attribute set to "multipart/form-data". I get this for all three attachments. SO, my question, HOW DO I CHANGE THE HTML FORM TAG???!!!! PLEASE HELP! Many thanks.

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    Re: A more embarrasing question

    If it's not your page to edit, you can't.
    All you can do is email the owner to let him/her know.
    If an address isn't given, try webmaster@...

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