Very grateful for any help!

I have not much knowledge of JS but I'm trying my best here as I need some functions for a webpage containing a lot of QT-movies and I think JS might be the best solution...

My goal is to have one space (a div-tag) to play multiple movies in and several links to these movies on the same page.
If i klick on link_1 I want to see movie_1 play in the space provided. If I klick on link_2 I want to see movie_2 play in the space provided and so on.
I would also like movie_2 automatically play after movie_1 and then on to movie_3 and so on. Unless I klick on another link, in which case the movie I chose should be played.

I hope this makes sense and you can understand what I'm after. I am trying to find the information on the apple site and on other webpages and then I thought it would be more clever to ask the people who know directly!

So, I can normally take a JS and use it on my (x)html-page as long as it is simple and I don't have to change too much. As my knowledge of JS is quite poor, please try to keep answers a bit simple so I can understand.

Thank you a million times in advance!!