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    Cool Running out of promotional options

    Please excuse the long introduction but I feel it is necessary to give some background.

    www.EditFast.com has over 1300 registered freelance editors, proofreaders and writers (actually there have been over 15,000 registered but only 1200 have passed the tests and survived the rigorous screening process).

    Each member creates their own Profile Web page via a "Resume Builder" (contact information, education etc.) and a "Page Builder" (experience, software skills and availability, and a description of their skills and abilities as an editor, proofreader, or writer).

    These profile pages are the pages I would like to have show up higher in the SE rankings. I provide some scant advice on meta keywords, meta description and the importance of relevancy so that each individual can choose their keywords, description, and write their Web page text to match the implication of their keywords and description, but without manipulating every page manually (which would be impossible), I find that these pages do not rank very high.

    I also advise and implore the registered members to ask their acquaintances, friends, relatives etc. who own a Web site to add a link to their Web page to increase the number of inbound links, but again, without manually doing a promotion campaign for every individual (once again impossible for me), the results of my requests to get the members to acquire their own inbound links have not been spectacular.

    I am wondering if there is anything else I can do by way of implementing an automatic process in the Profile creation stage that would improve the chances for each registered member's Web page on the SE results pages.

    In addition, I spent a lot of time setting up a classified submissions section which would allow each member to submit to thousands of classified ad sites but after I set it up I realized that it might not be a good idea to have hundreds of people submitting links to classified ad sites all from the same site (EditFast.com) and would probably result in some negative reaction from the ad sites or from the SEs.

    I have also set up a Google AdWords campaign for "Editors in <CITY NAME>", "Editors in <STATE NAME>", "Editors in <COUNTRY NAME>" as well as "Proofreaders in <CITY NAME>", "Proofreaders in <STATE NAME>", "Proofreaders in <COUNTRY NAME>", but have not yet started these campaigns for the following reasons:
    1. I have not discovered a way to allow direct contact between editors and clients without cutting myself out of the process and losing a client and an editor at the same time. Thus, direct contact with my editors is not allowed. Contact is anonymous via the EditFast on-line message center. Potential clients who are searching for an editor in their area by using key phrases such as "Editors in Seattle" are most likely hoping to contact the individual directly or meet with the editor in person.
    2. I have used AdWords campaigns in the past and discovered that they are not effective due to the competition and some unscrupulous people using up my AdWords budget with false clicks in a matter of days from the start of the campaign. (Luckily, Google has refunded my money (over $3000 US) but it took the infamous class action lawsuit and a wait of a couple years to get this money back.) Naturally I am leery of implementing another campaign.
    3. The implementation of a campaign such as this would mean each member who wishes to start their EditFast AdWords campaign would be required to pay a fee to cover the AdWords ad costs, my costs for the time to create the campaign, and any minimal profit margin I may want to add for the benefit of EditFast and as payment for providing the service. While it depends on my ability to promote the service, the fee will increase the number of people who WILL NOT start a campaign and thereby decreases the number of promotional ads, thus reducing the coverage for the site.
    The bottom line is that I am now at a loss as to how to promote the site in general as well as the editor profile pages any further. I have the cash, but don't know where the best (most effective) place to spend it might be!

    Any ideas you have about this would be very helpful and appreciated very much.
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