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    Funny Problem With Form

    I am having a little problem.

    In my maling list i have added a link for the user to click and unsuscribe.

    The thing is that anybody can see the route on the status bar. An anybody can cut & paste that route onto the browser and start unsuscribing other users just changing the user id number.

    I have tried several scripts for hiding the links, but email servers do no execute them, or when used dont recognize the links.

    The solution was to use a form with a submit button used for unsuscribing. This is code:

    <form method='post' form enctype='multipart/form-data' action='http://www.balabalabal.com/unsuscribe_mailinglist.php?user_id=$user_id''>
    <p><input type='submit' value='Unsuscribe' name='B1'></p>

    I ve tried iit but eventhough it΄s a submit button you can still see the link on the status bar when appearing in a en email.

    How can i hide the link? Solutions nyone? Thank you

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    Re: Funny Problem With Form

    You can't stop them from seeing the link or figuring out the URL. What you can do though is make sure all your script variables are POST variables. For example:

       // do something here    
    You already have method='post' in your form. If they don't pass the query string variables via post, you might want to redirect them to the forms page.

    Hope this helps.
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