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    Comments where and How I want them??? HELP!!!

    Hey guys, hope some of you can help me with this, cause it's 4.30am and I'm no closer to understanding what to do.

    I am an experienced web "DESIGNER", I know enough HTML/CSS to get me through what I want to create then send it off to a coder to add all the other stuff, so I'm getting really frustrated with MySpace and it's lack of coherence.

    I've been looking into the css overlay thing, but thats not really what I want. This MySpace page :
    site edited out for review

    Is the perfect layout for what I want, the top can be a css overlay type creation and the bottom the comments. I've tried stripping out the code but can't.

    Basically, the tables and elements don't have ID's, so I have no idea on how to control them. If someone can give me a bit of information, or simple code to create that layout, I'll be able to get my photoshop designs into it.
    The comments are the main focus here, as it's causing me loads of problems.

    Thanks for any help
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    Re: Comments where and How I want them??? HELP!!!

    I'm not ripping someone's css and posting it here, but get Firefox, add in the Web Developer toolbar and examine the embedded styles.

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    Re: Comments where and How I want them??? HELP!!!

    i'd say to review everything again.
    it's easier to open a new myspace profile,
    fill out all the information,
    put atleast one character in each box for information,
    and then view profile,
    and then hit view source.

    read through that,
    either you can find the class id's or you can do the parent thing with the table's tr's and td's.

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