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Thread: Lost Again

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    new jeruz

    Angry Lost Again

    Benzden and Doorknob...thanx 4 da help
    here i go again...i want to put a right click blocker on my webpage...this code will turn it off right?:<body oncontextmenu="return false"></body>
    and this code from java script;<body onload="script:function click() {if (event.button==2 || event.button==3) {alert(&#39;HOLD THEM HORSES&#39}} document.onmousedown=click"></body>
    will enable a message to pop up but the host doesnt support this mixed with the HTML on the web page...but ive seen pages with pop messages when right clicking...so HELP PLEASE...alright one more thing...i have searched high and low and was pondering...how do enable the view source code?

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    watdja mean enable 'view source'? u want a button that onClick shows the source code in a textbox or something?

    be careful. many users don't like that their context menu (right click) disabled because some of the useful methods the normal menu has are disabled like "open in new window", " setBookmark" , ... but if u do want right click disabled, your function shouldnt have any problems. make sure u put the function between <head> and </head>, and use either the function or onContextMenu but not both.

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