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    Question Scripts for editing by non-webmasters

    I have only a basic knowledge of coding and scripting—most of my webmaster work is done using GoLive and Dreamweaver—and I only have experience creating simple sites for non-profit organizations I'm involved in.

    One thing that I have always wanted is a way to allow people with no computer knowledge to be able to update information. Once I have designed a site, it is a little redundant for the manager of that organization to contact ME with routine updates to the site (event postings, etc.) and for me to modify the source code and re-upload the entire page.

    It seems it would be simpler if I could simply provide my managers with a text file—each line denoting a certain aspect of the site—and they could upload the file via FTP or some type of network mounting. The page would be scripted to extract information from the text file while rendering for a visitor—so there would be no site downtime, no time-consuming uploads, and no need for (me) the middle-man.

    I'm a fast learner and fairly tech-savvy… all I need is some options I have, maybe a point in the right direction or a reference to an already-existing tutorial on the subject. I'm not particularly interested in purchasing any new software. Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Scripts for editing by non-webmasters

    What you're probably looking for is a content management system. I haven't used them myself, but I know that there are quite a few free open source ones available. Just Google for it and take your pick.
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