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    idea for a site...

    One of the hardest things to do as a webdeveloper is get pr for a site (or atleast for me)

    I know a bit about how google calculates it's pr and to get a link from another site is probably the eassiest way.

    I have an idea for an affiliate program, if you where given PHP, ASP, JSP, whatever to put on a page that will put single links at the bottom of your site page, would you do it?

    Here is the idea in detail:

    Site1 puts some simple php code in each one of their pages, as does Site2. Site1 will have their link be put onto many other sites as like Site2 would... it would be possable for Site1's url to be added to Site2's and Site2's url be put on Site1's.

    The idea is to crossrefrence sites to accomplish what they want.

    In this way sites like this one, that have dynamically created pages can cross-refrence possably thousands of sites, while they are being cross-refrenced by possably thousands of sites.

    What i am wondering is if anyone would even consider doing this?

    Some of the things (if i was to make something like it) would be no adult sites, each site submitted would be evaluated, and cross-checked with a common site black list, and just really good PR.

    And of corse it would make sure the sites that are being displayed are displayign urls them selves.

    Any ideas? Worth investign time/money into?

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    Re: idea for a site...

    good idea.

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