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    Unhappy Drop Down Menu question

    I am trying to make a website and I would like to use a drop down menu that targets a certain frame. I wanna know how much I coud change it to look how I want it to. I know that the colors can be changed inside the form and the font. But what I wanna do is change the little arrows color, or just replace it with a pic prefereably just change the color.

    The drop down menu would start off with:

    Pick One \/*
    About Me

    That is all I would use please help me I have found javascripts for this, but the only thing is they don't have a change arrow color so it could match with my scrollbar option heheh!

    please help me thanks ahead of time!

    * that is suppose to be the arrow
    **I don't mean the word by any chance I actually mean just a blank space. :P

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    Hello minusNT. Wlcome to the forums.

    What you ask cannot be done, I am afraid. Even IE6, which has the most 'extras' like this will only let you change the scrollbars colours on a textbox, not on a drop-down select box.

    You may want to look into a DHTML solution for total freedom in your design.

    This is a good place to start - http://www.dynamicdrive.com
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