Bloody hard work!

I've spent hundreds of hours promoting my websites through the following methods:

1. Link Exchanges with sites that have similar or higher PR. I target traffic sites rather than PR sites for link exchange. Only in rare circumstances do I purchase links.
2. Quality Content. There is no easier way to get traffic than to have quality content on your site. Put cloned, droned,boring content on your site and watch it die a slow emabarrasing and often quite painful death. ORIGINALITY is key!
3. TIME - It takes time to build solid traffic. It won't happen overnight. Give yourself time to build the traffic,through links and quality content, and it'll come. The only way to get huge traffic overnight is advertising, and we hate spending money
4. Persistence - nearly the same as time, but you gotta keep at it. There comes a time when you may be flogging a dead horse, but until you've thrown your computer out the window and vowed to destroy Goggle, keep promoting your site