There is a whisper going around this evening that Ipowerweb has been sold.

Depending on who you believe Ipowerweb has a customer base of between 300,000 and 700,000. If the rumors of this sale prove to be fact these clients will soon be migrating to The Endurance International Group (

Previous aquisitions by EIG include such names as PowWeb, ReadyHosting, Bizland and well over a dozen more.

Now, I do not even have to give my impression of Ipowerweb. I would think that the fact I at one time simply clicked a link and was looking at a huge amount of confidential customer information, along with your scathing reviews tells the story. One would be inclined to take the attitude that things can only get better, how could it possibly be worse? Unfortunately my research leads me to ask "How much worse is it going to get?" Do not get me wrong, I have no experience with this company and base my opinion solely on information that is available on the web. As much as I would like to have positive thoughts and wishes for those who are actually going to be involved in this transition, I see page after page of horror stories related to EIG buyouts.

Obviously you should do your own research and decide if this company is right for you. For now though, if you do not make daily backups, I cannot think of a better time to start.