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    image left padding issue

    I i open this code in FF i get some padding on the left side of the image which is ok, but when i open it in IE i don't get this padding.
    Is there any way that I have this padding in IE?
    <div align="justify"><img src="http://www.site.com/default1.gif" style="padding-left:27px;" alt="Cleveland" align="right" width="152" height="136" border="0" />
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    Re: image left padding issue

    I would assume that in IE the "justify" and "padding" settings are conflicting - and "justify" is winning.

    When I pasted it in, if I removed the "justify" from the <div> tag the gap appeared.

    When I used "margin-left" instead of "padding-left" it worked in both browsers.

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