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    Display database contents in TEXTAREA

    I am designing a HTML form wherein users enter some inputs such as their remarks and commentsin textarea. Theses remarks are sved on to database. In the "Edit" mode, the form must be displayed and these entered comments must be displayed in the text area for th users to be able to modify them. How do I achieve it?
    In the case of text boxes, it is easy since if you give <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" VALUE="retrieved database field bvalue"> the database content will be displayed, but since the <TEXTAREA> tag does not have an attribute called VALUE, how do I display the contents of the text area which has been successfully saved in the database?
    I am programming in ASP with MS Access as backend. Pls help
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    Re: Display database contents in TEXTAREA

    HTML Code:
    <textarea name="contents">[retrieved database value]</textarea>
    I believe should do the trick.

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