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    Login & Edit System

    Hey, I am making some progress with a website of mine and I have a few question for you all.
    How would I go about making a registration system. Where a page asks for your email and a password, then it creates a user name. BIG GAP IN BETWEEN! "then it creates" How do I make it to where my site would memorize everyones email adresses and passwords?

    Once you are able to login to your acount, how would I set it up to where users could edit and save text.

    Yes I am trying to create a very simple online comunity, but I believe this website needs to be finished because there isn't a site like the one I'm dreaming of. It could make life alot easier!
    Im guessing Im going to need to learn php. Well, please answere and direct me to the right places.

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    Re: Login & Edit System

    You say you want an online community, but exactly what kind? The reason I ask this is that there is software already in existence that you can download or purchase that may already provide the kind of functionality you're seeking. Give us a little more detail, and we might be able to steer you to an easy path.
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