I have three websites with ipowerweb at this time. Due to the fact that I am still being hosted by ipowerweb I will not disclose the site names. I do apologize for that but I also do not trust ipowerweb representatives. Over the last couple of years I have had issues with a few rude ones that seem to delay ticket requests or 'lose' ticket requests. I can see them totally shutting my site down if any of them ever saw this post.

The number of issues will not all be told here as they would fill a small novel.

I will state some of the more serious ones so you can determine whether you want to get involved with them.

I had three sites running on their shared server deal. Basically this is their 6.95 a month deal when paid two years in advance.

One of the sites was experiencing a Database error about 80% of the day for nearly a week. I was told by a rep from ipowerweb that it was the shop cart I was using. It was not closing the database after opening a file. Well that was not the case as another rep explained to me someone on the shared server was using most of the resources for the shared server. The representative stated that there was no guarantee that any of the 'VDeck' Shared Servers would not experience this problem. So they basically forced me into a VPS or Virtual Private Server ad 49.95 a month. The rep who took the order stated that I would be capable of moving all three sites to the new server. he also sold me an SSL certificate for the site.

After making the purchase and paying for the site I attempted to learn about the VPS server that was not available prior to purchase. I read that if you have an SSL on the site you can only host one site. Yeah, the rep either lied or was extremely ill informed as I was only able to host one site on the VPS will the SSL.

Hey, it gets better. As part of the package I was to also have them move the contents of the original site to the new location. When it came time though for them to do it they refused stating it would cost me more to have done.

I am writing this at this time because of the most severe issue I have had with them up until now. My SSL certificate which was for 1 year expired after only six months. I contacted them about it and they stated that it was purchased a year ago. To make a long story short they forced me buy a new certificate if I wanted to run SSL on my VPS site. So I called their services department and purchased a new SSL which they would install. 4 days later no SSL. I contacted them about it and two days after that I finally received an email with my SSL certificate. I called and asked when they would be installing it and was told they would not be installing it. I was responsible for installing it. Another 45 minute on hold wait and I finally came across one guy willing to help. After attempting to assist me in installing the SSL he realized that I was sold an SSL certificate that was incompatible with my site. The SSL certificate was for a shared server not a VPS server. He also told me that they do not refund certificates and that to get a certificate on the site I would have to purchase another one at 179.00 if they were to install it.

Their reps fault for selling me an incompatible item and they were unwilling to do a thing about it. After asking repeatedly to speak with someone in management (which they will never do since they really do not care about their clients) I was put on hold. 18 minutes later the rep came back online and stated that they would give me the new certificate from GeoTrust and they would install it at their cost.

Three days later no SSL on the site still. I phoned ipowerweb about it and the rep I spoke with stated the ticket was in pending status. Not viewable at this time by anyone other than the original writer of the certificate. He did tell me though that he would forward to the correct department to have it handled and that it would get done.

That was three days ago and I am still without my SSL certificate.

I want to mention one other issue because i read elsewhere I was not the only one experiencing this even though ipowerweb support stated I was. The issue was connections maxing out. According to three reps at ipowerweb my connections were maxing out because I was getting 50,000 hits an hour which exceeded the limit. They also stated that one hour later it would reset.

1. we never experienced more than 15% of the 50,000 hits in an hour even at our peak. The server was an older one and incremented everytime it was reset and never zeroed out the count. So when 50,000 hit it had to be reset manually.

You'll get a kick out of this. Using the Vdeck control panel if was made to create a database and then delete the database. That actually reset the counter. How, I do not know. But what that means is that for the last 4 months I have had to do that everyday just to keep the site visible, otherwise all clients would see is that we exceeded the max number of connections.

This is not the only set of issues with ipowerweb. There have been others that have cost me money. If some of you are wondering why I am still with them the answer is: not for long. As the sites expire (as I paid two years in advance on all of them) beginning in Septermber of 2007 I will be moving my sites elsewhere.

I strongly recommend that if you rely on your site(s) for income you do not put your trust in ipowerweb. They will at some point do harm to your income if that is how you get your income.

If you do use them "may God have mercy on you"

JMN Printsalot